Photoshoot prep – My current training split

Following on my previous post, I would like to give you an insight of what training split I am personally following at the moment and if you are a female with 1 year + experience lifting weights, this split could work well for you too. If you are relatively new to training please read my previous blog post where I explain how you can structure your workouts.

I currently do five weight training sessions a week and five 1 hour fasted walk first thing in the morning as my cardio and meditation. I prefer to do it first thing, so it is done and out of the way, and also because I try to make conscious effort to start my day in a positive state of mind and these power walks really help me to get focused on my goals and they set me up for the day whilst burning fat, which is a bonus. 🙂 I always listen to podcasts during my walks, it is a great way to get my daily learning and motivation in as well.

My current training split:

Monday: Legs (Hamstrings and glutes)

Tuesday: Back and shoulders + abs

Wednesday: Rest (cardio only)

Thursday: Legs (Hamstring and glutes)

Friday: Back and shoulders + abs

Saturday: Full body conditioning, plyometrics

Sunday: Rest

I don’t particularly train my chest and arms as much, because I don’t want to grow them, and arms get worked indirectly when doing back and shoulder exercises anyway. I usually include push-ups in the full body conditioning workout and I occasionally throw in a few sets of incline dumbbell chest press and a superset for triceps and biceps on upper body days.

On leg days, I mainly focus on my hamstrings and glutes, as these are the areas that I want to improve and they are usually problem areas for most women. I don’t really want to grow big quads, so I rarely do any isolation exercises for them. I tend to start my leg days with a couple of big lifts like squats, deadlift variations or hip thrusts and usually go heavier on these (6-8-10 reps) to challenge my strength and target more of the type II fibers and in the second half of the workout I do more supersets, trisets, and isolation work, taking less rest between exercises for added cardio benefits and to really burn out my muscles and get a good pump. I typically do 3-5 sets per exercise.

On upper body days, I usually start with the bigger, compound (multi joint) exercises and tend to work in supersets and trisets from the beginning, especially when trying to get leaner. I take minimum rest between exercises 10-15 seconds, then move onto the next exercise and taking about 45 seconds to a minute rest between sets. I usually do 3-4 sets of the exercises and 10-15-20 up to 30 reps sometimes, depending on the exercise. I also incorporate dropset and rest pause intensifier techniques, especially on my shoulders to really burn them out.

On the full body conditioning day, I like to mix things up and I might do a circuit or a Crossfit type workout and this is usually a quite high intensity cardio, metabolic session.

There you have it, this is what I am currently doing getting ready for my photoshoot in 2 weeks time. I hope you have found this helpful and if you have any questions or topics you’d like me to write about please do let me know by messaging me via my contact form on the website or get in touch through my social media channels.

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Thank you! Speak soon! 🙂

Kitti xx