How to stay in shape on holiday whilst still enjoying yourself

I recently spent 2 amazing weeks away on holiday, 1 week in Italy and 1 week in Hungary and I had the best time with my hubby, family and friends. I believe that holidays are to enjoy yourself and I never worry too much about my diet, calories or macros, however, I am still mindful of what I eat and how much I move my body and exercise.

Throughout the years of living a healthy and fit lifestyle, I have learnt and developed a few tricks and methods that have helped me staying in shape on holidays (or at least limiting too much damage), whilst still enjoying wino and nice food daily. However, if your plan is to lie by the pool all day taking FULL advantage of the all-inclusive for 2 weeks, I am sorry, these tips won’t help you.

So here is what you can do for damage limitation 🙂

  1. Be active:

Aim to move as much as possible whether it be walking, sightseeing, hiking, swimming in the pool/sea, playing on the beach or joining in the hotel activities. If you have access to a gym, you can also do a quick workout or perhaps a body weight routine in your hotel room or outdoors. It doesn’t have to be an hour long workout, all you need is a quick 20-30 minutes conditioning circuit to boost your metabolism, so that your body stays more efficient burning off those extra calories you consume. Pick an activity that you enjoy and that doesn’t feel like a chore on your holiday. The important thing is that you are moving.

How I did it:

While I was in Italy, me and my hubby spent the first part of the day hiking and in the afternoon we were just chilling, enjoying some local wine, followed by an amazing dinner (and you know in Italy it must have been delicious and of course carb based lol)

While I was in Hungary, I went to the gym once and I also did a couple of short full body workouts outdoors, because the weather was so nice. I posted one on my IG so you can try it too. (click here for the workout) (and here for part 2). I also walked a lot every day while as was there.

2. Save your treats for later in the day

Start your day with a healthy breakfast consisting of protein, lots of veg and healthy fats. Keep your meals lighter and lower in carbs during the day (fresh salads, seafood, chicken, fruit) and move as much as possible so your body stays in more of a fat burning zone. This will help you save up some calories for later in the day, when you can enjoy a few drinks, a bigger dinner and perhaps some dessert. It’s all about being mindful of your overall calorie intake for the day and not to exceed it by too much.

How I did it:

I always like to start my day with a healthy breakfast whether I am on holiday or not, simply because it makes me feel energized for the day and a nutritious meal is more filling than a croissant anyway. I try to keep my meals low/lower in carbs during the day so I can enjoy a bigger dinner later with a few drinks and dessert. Also, I would normally eat 5-6 times a day, however on holiday, I tend to eat less frequently (about 3 times a day) which means that I can easily combine 2-3 meals and afford a more calorific dinner.

3. Choose your alcoholic drink wisely

Dry white/red wine and light spirits like vodka, tequila or gin mixed with soda or sugar free tonic, are lower in calories and much better options than sugary cocktails and beer. Make sure you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day as well (at least 3-4L). You can save a lot of unnecessary calories by making the right drink choices.

How I did it:

If you have been following me for a while you know how I LOVE wine… 🙂 and I am not shy to admit that I did drink a few glasses almost every day while I was away. Ups! I don’t like strong alcohol however and cocktails so it’s not an issue for me to avoid these.

4. Relax

Above all, the most important thing is that you relax and enjoy your time with your loved ones. If you can’t always follow the above tips, because sometimes circumstances just don’t allow, do not stress about it. Try to do the best you can and enjoy every moment of your holiday. What matters most is what you do in the majority of the time and you will get back to your normal routine once you get home.

To sum it up, it all comes down to moderation, making smarter choices when you can and being mindful of your overall food intake for the day. You can also compensate your extra calories with some training and other activities that you enjoy.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I am always happy to help. 🙂

Speak soon!

Kitti xx