How to get your motivation back & my new training split

Those who have been training long enough will know, that motivation comes and goes, and there are periods when you feel super determined to train and eat well, and other times it takes a real effort to drag your butt to the gym. Familiar right? I go through the same and lately I have been feeling the latter, my motivation has been quite low. I still go to the gym and get the job done, but I’m finding it hard to get going and I am not pushing myself as much as I normally do. I know that this is normal and over the years I have learnt to listen to my body’s signals. We can’t always push ourselves at a 150% intensity and sometimes we need to ease our foot off the gas and give our body and chance to recover. You can either take some complete time off from the gym (1-2 weeks), or you can reduce the intensity of your training by lifting lighter weights, doing less sets and reps and/or train less frequently. Soon enough you will be itching to get your training intensity back to normal again.

I’ve had enough rest, it’s time to kick my butt into gear again!

Here are my top tips to help you get your motivation back:

Buy some new gym clothes

Personally, this is the biggest motivator for me. Lol

Just as your workouts can get monotonous, so can your gym clothes. When you buy new outfits that are flattering and make you feel amazing and confident, it can really boost not just your motivation to get to the gym, but also your performance. I always train harder when I’m wearing trendy gym clothes. Fact! J

Set yourself a new goal and a deadline

Without having a clear goal and a deadline for it, you will less likely push yourself out of your comfort zone in the gym. Know what you are training for, set a realistic time frame, then take action. This could be getting in shape for the summer, a beach holiday, a wedding or perhaps a photoshoot. Anything that it is important enough for you to work hard towards. Always have a purpose.

Change your workout program and training split

If you have been following the same workouts and training split for a while now, it is time to shake things up a little. Start a new program with different exercises, sets and reps and change up your training split. For instance, I have been following an upper – lower body split for a while now, so I wrote myself a new plan which is going to be; 2x lower body, 1x shoulders & abs, 1x back & abs and 1x shoulders & glutes session a week. It has definitely got me excited again to hit the gym in my new gym gear! 🙂

If you are not sure what to do and/or how to change your training to keep you progressing, perhaps seek out for professional help and get a plan written for you or hire a personal trainer. Let me know if I can help you with this.

Make yourself accountable

It always helps to have an external motivator such as a workout buddy, a personal trainer or an online coach who holds you accountable. I do weekly check-ins with my girls, both with online and personal training clients, when I review how their week has been and they give me feedback on their nutrition, training, energy and sleep quality and also upload their progress photos and measurements. We’ve also got a private Facebook community where we motivate and support each other daily. You can do the same thing with a friend, it is always more fun to share your journey with like-minded people.

Try new gyms/ train outdoors

A change of scenery can also get you excited and it helps to beat the boredom of the same routine. Many gyms do day passes nowadays, so you could go and check them out, or perhaps take your workout outdoors. The weather is getting warmer and there is nothing better than exercising in the fresh air.

Get some new tunes

Create a new playlist or download a new album for your workouts. New beats can really energize you and enhance your performance in the gym.

There you have it, these are my top tips to help you get motivated again to continue with your fitness goals. If you found this helpful, please share it with your friends who you think also need a kick in the butt. J

Off to the gym now, speak soon Guys!

Kitti xx