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Summer bodies are made in the winter…but how?

I am a big believer in consistency with my training and nutrition and I like to stay in good shape all year round. However, it doesn’t mean that I always push myself to the max in the gym and follow a strict diet. I personally like to go through phases when my goals differ from either wanting to be leaner, usually during spring and summer, or trying to build some muscle and improve my shape, during winter. My training and nutrition vary accordingly. Find out how in this blog.

Pre- and post-workout nutrition / What, when and why

What you consume before and after your workouts can greatly affect your performance, strength, recovery and the results you get from training. The pre-workout meal is going to fuel your workout and give you energy, and the post-workout meal is going to help your muscles to recover and grow, so you can push yourself hard again next time.

How to build your meals

Improving your body composition (losing body fat and building lean muscle) is not just about calories in and calories out, but more importantly, what percentage of those calories come from protein, carbohydrates and fats (macronutrients). In this post I am going to teach you how you can build a balanced meal to get all the nutrients you need to be healthy, energised and to get in great shape for life.

Low carb, meat free, spaghetti bolognese with tomato & mozzarella salad

This recipe is vegetarian (I do eat meat I just didn't fancy it today) and low in carbs and calories. Instead of regular pasta, I used spaghetti made from black beans. It tastes just like normal pasta but it contains about 70% less carbs and it is high in protein and fibre, hence you don't need to add meat to this dish. Thanks to the high fibre content it will keep you full for longer.

Tracking calories & macros – Is it necessary?

When trying to improve your body composition and achieve a better body shape (i.e losing fat and building muscle) it is absolutely necessary to be aware of how much you eat and where those calories come from.

Grilled Chicken & Avocado Salad Recipe

This colourful salad is so full of flavours and it is a perfect lunch or dinner option. It is very quick to make and it will keep you full for long due to the high fibre and water content form the fresh vegetables and good fats. Even my hubby loved it and asked me to make it again, so you know it must be good! :D

Set yourself up for success every morning with these life changing tips

The way you start your day has a huge effect on your mood, energy and what your entire day is going to be like. Many people are not aware of the power of thoughts and how we create our own reality by the way we think and behave.

The best protein pancake recipe

If you follow me on IG or Facebook you probably know by now that I LOVE my protein pancake for breakfast! :) I have been asked for the recipe so many times, so I thought I'd share it with you here.

Photoshoot prep – what I eat in a day

Today I am starting week 3 of my 8 week photoshoot prep and I’d like to give you an insight of my progress and what I typically eat in a day.

Should I supplement with protein powder?

I get asked this question all the time so I thought I’d share my thoughts about it.