Piret Mägi

I am so thankful that you changed my life. Not only on fitness level but I am much more confident and I feel like I am smarter, too (my mind is clear and I have lots of energy):D First time in my life I am motivated because every week I can see changes on my body.
There have been big changes in my life since I started working with you. Now I am head Dental Hygienist and I am planning to open my own Dental clinic 🙂
People respect me more and I have better realationship with my boyfriend as well 🙂 I definitely recommend training with Kitti. She is the best coach!

Emma Elstone

Determined that I was going to get my work life balance back and start to focus on me, I embarked on a nutritional and training partnership with Kitti. The aim was ultimately to get this uncared for body and mind back on form!

I wasn’t happy with myself, my health and most importantly the way I felt.

I therefore set my mind, sucked up how I felt and started to work with Kitti in May 2016 with the intention of feeling better than I did today.
The journey began and I started to see some fantastic results… muscles started to pop and I felt more energised. Since May 2016, I have lost 13 kgs and my journey is still ongoing. In January 2017 I decided to challenge myself further and get in the best shape of my life for a photoshoot.
Feeling elated that I had made it with so many obstacles having been thrown at me along the way… (for anyone that does not know I head up the new product development team for a bakery company….imagine walking into tastings for Croissants and Danish pastries every day when you are in prep!!!) Kitti has been the most awesome coach, sounding board and now a lady I am very proud to call a friend. Always on hand to answer my questions, tweak my training and nutrition plans when needed promptly. The journey has only just begun and I am so excited to keep challenging my body using Kitti’s knowledge to see how far I can go. I just keep feeling stronger and stronger…” Emma

Alicia Freimuth

I’ve been working with Kitti since January and it has been an incredible experience. In 20 weeks I can’t believe what I have achieved and I would never have gotten this far without Kitti’s continuous support and advice. For the first time I am proud of the body I see in the mirror, and I know I can achieve even more to become the best version of myself. I have rediscovered my love with the gym and looking after my nutrition and health. My perspective has changed from being a weight loss challenge to a new lifestyle and I love it! Kitti really has the ability to make you want to strive and achieve more. I started a new job recently which has come with some challenges, I know that without Kitti’s help, my fitness and nutrition would’ve been the first things I started to neglect, whereas now they are my priority. This experience has been life changing in so many ways and I wish I had the words to describe how grateful and appreciative I am of Kitti’s support, advice and friendship.

Michelle Rovezzano

I signed up for a 12 week online coaching course with Kitti and it has been brilliant. Kitti has not only given me help with my nutrition but also prepared varied training programs that I can do at home and fit into my busy family life. Kitti has taught me that you don’t have to eat nothing to lose weight it’s all about eating the right foods. I feel so much healthier and have so much more energy. Kitti has never judged when I had a couple of bad eating days, she has been very supportive throughout the program – responded to all my questions promptly and made me feel like I was her only client. I am so happy with the results and with how much I have learnt from Kitti I am looking forward to starting my next program. I can’t thank Kitti enough for the help with this forever life change and I highly recommend the online coaching with her.

Sarah Smith

I chose Kitti as I had watched her prep to the WBFF stage in 2014, her diet seemed varied and her training plans clearly worked as you could see her progress. I knew she was coached by Mirella whose name I was very familiar with as she is one of my fitness idols. As soon as I met with Kitti I knew I had chosen well, having been on a very restricted eating plan for 6 months she assured me things were about to change.

I started a 3 month plan to adjust my body shape, I was very pear shaped with a lot of cellulite on my thighs. Although not overweight was body was out of proportion. I was amazed at how much food I could consume and how fast my metabolism was once I started to eat in a healthy way. The training changed every 4 weeks which stopped me getting bored and Kitti was just an email away if I had any questions. I checked in every two weeks which I liked as it kept me accountable and I knew I couldn’t cheat.

I then started a 3 month comp prep which I loved, the changes were amazing week by week. I enjoyed the training and eating. We managed to keep my calories fairly high all the way through as I lean out quickly. Kitti gave advice on bikini, posing, shoes, dress etc. I checked in every week and stuck to my plan religiously, I got prompt feedback and adjustments from Kitti straightaway.

Training with Kitti has taught me so much about food and my body. I can now look at my plate and know that I have a good balance of fat, protein and carbs without having to measure everything. I have a healthier outlook on food and am not scared to eat carbs! The best part of my new eating is the bedtime porridge (something I would never of dreamed of in the past) I have just had a two week holiday and managed to maintain my training and eating throughout. I don’t binge I just eat in moderation which Kitti showed me how to do without restricting myself. She also introduced me to dark chocolate which I never liked before, I had two squares everyday in my prep

I loved the entire prep experience and will compete again next year after taking time to build on my weaker areas.

Sarah Jane Smith


I have been training and having a nutrition plan with Kitti for 6 months now and I have obtained amazing results. I have lost 12 kilos so far and feeling stronger, more energetic and leaner than ever. Looking forward to seeing more progress with Kitti’s help in the future.

Megan Mansfield

I signed up for the 8 week challenge at a pretty dark and difficult time. I was stuck in a bit of a rut and knew I needed something to kick start me back on a path to better physical and emotional wellbeing. It really was just what I needed and cannot believe the difference and what I have achieved in this short time with Kitti’s guidance and expertise. The physical results have been great! I’ve lost 6.5kgs, over 10cms off my waist and I’ve actually been showing people pictures of my bum as I’m so proud and amazed at its progress! Kitti really is queen of the booty! My clothes fit better (in fact I need new ones!) and I can actually bear to look at myself in the mirror without feeling ashamed. For me though it was so much more than the physical achievements I’ve accomplished; yes I can lift heavier and push my body harder but now I do it with so much more confidence, feeling as though I own the resistance area of the gym, and not caring if people are looking at me because I no longer feel that they’re laughing at the chubby girl with no idea what she’s doing. I feel empowered and strong in so many ways, which has also helped me handle day to day stressors much better too. I sleep at night, unbroken and clocking up a good 7-8hours, and wake with a stomach that isn’t bloated, painful or uncomfortable! Without sounding like a complete cliché it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done,  and I have such a better relationship with myself,  my body and food because of it. I would recommend coaching with Kitti to anyone in a heartbeat! Whatever your goals she will make  you believe you can achieve them and help  get you there!

Thank you for all your help and support, I couldn’t of done it without you!

Mila Podiablonska

To live a successful and healthy life requires staying active. That’s why training with Kitti has become part of my life, which has changed the way I look and feel. Before, I was just skinny and my muscles never had any definition. I used to have low energy all the time and exercising always used to be hard work and painful! Since I started training with Kitti it has improved my life, energy levels, and I am stronger, look better and feel happier. I know I can trust her as she is professional – and that is the huge difference to other PTs. She is also great fun to be around and every session is no longer hard work. The time flies by and I always leave the studio as a happy and motivated person and most importantly I now enjoy my food and not constantly on restrictive diets and still look better than ever. I highly recommend Kitti to everyone!

Millie Gough

I worked with Kitti for around 12 months with a focus on my health. I was your classic individual that believed that endless hours in the gym and restricting your diet was a recipe for success when it came to fitness and aesthetic goals. Kitti taught me about balance, not just with food and training but also with sleep and rest. The results soon followed and this year I competed with the WBFF, a goal I would never have been able to think about if she hadn’t helped me understand and implement a more holistic approach to my training goals. Kitti is approachable, a motivating role model and cares about the individual rather than a results based photo for her social media that doesn’t always equate to health. I wouldn’t hesitate to approach Kitti for training in the future and can thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to understand how to achieve a better physique that fits in with most lifestyles and without extreme measures.

Penelope Saunders

I have been training with Kitti since Jan 2016.  I came to her having departed from a challenging phys regime due to the pressure of work.  In just 3 months I had put on 10kgs; a combination of a poor work life balance but also giving up smoking.  Having conquered a 20 year smoking habit I was keen to get my figure back and to see what I could now achieve in the gym as a non smoker.  Kitti listened to what I wanted to achieve, build up my base fitness again and the results I saw in a short period were great.  She encouraged me not to concentrate on my weight but meet my training goals coupled with a healthy eating plan.  I found I was eating more because I was eating whole healthy foods as opposed to those with hidden or empty calories.  I have had challenging year and Kitti has encouraged me to keep going even if circumstances have meant I can only be ‘on point’ with nutrition and training 80%.  Her approach means even 80% delivered results.  Kitti has recently supported me through a period of illness that has undermined my training but I know I can rely on Kitti to support me through building my strength back up and getting back into full time training.  Training with Kitti is a way of life; a healthy and balanced approached to achieving your best and being proud of that.

Lowri Jones

I have recently completed 6 months of nutrition training with Kitti and am so happy with my progress. I have done every diet under the sun and have gone through stages of being very unhappy with my body and obsessive with my diet. It is the first “diet” that has felt comparatively easy to the rest that are out there. No cutting out food groups, no eating ridiculously low calories and no bad nights of sleeping! Aside from the weight loss, I have learnt how my body works and which foods/macro splits work for me. This is information I feel is invaluable for my future as I now know how to fuel my body and to lose a bit of weight if I need to. Kitti has been incredibly supportive throughout the process – always positive and always there for me if I needed to ask anything. A big thank you!

Al Anood Al Mulla

I’ve been working with Kitti for 16 weeks and I have seen amazing results! I have never felt stronger or healthier and I have never gained this great amount of muscle mass before!

She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results.

I have learnt so much from her, she is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer instantly any questions you come up with. Her tips on nutrition and exercise are excellent and her dedication is clear. She is committed and inspirational…and I can’t recommend her enough!

Lorna Shrubb

Kitti has been great to work with for the last 8 weeks and I really feel like I’ve learnt a lot from her that I will be able to use going forward. Her support has been amazing; when she says 24/7 she means it! The programme has been challenging but enjoyable, there have been times when it’s felt really tough, but Kitti has always been there to keep me on track.

I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m signing up again, I feel like these last  8 weeks have been the kick start I needed and now I feel excited to see what I can achieve next!

Kelly Whyte

It’s been a tough journey fighting the negative mindset, increased pain levels, fatigue, bloating and digestive issues. But you have been a star helping me find that much needed motivation, providing advice & tailoring the training to account for the painful times.

The 8 weeks programme was the start to get my health back on track. Now I’ve got the basics it’s time to continue. It really helped during the negative times when you reminded me my journey was not about rapid fat loss but regaining good health. And your programme has really helped me with that journey.

Just want to say a massive thank you, the results I’m seeing are proof the personalised programme can work for any fitness level.